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2014 - 2015 Program Calendar

September 23, 2014
History of Antique and Vintage Purses 1850-1960
Come see the display provided by Kate Butler. Bring a vintage purse of your own to “Show and Tell” the group.
Hostesses: Karen Binter

October 27, 2014
John Wilkes Booth: Was he really killed in Caroline County, Virginia?

There are many reasons to dispute Booth's death at the Garrett Farm. Jean Swisher and Connie Dettman will share facts and eye witness accounts as they examine other possible locations for his death.
Hostesses: Jean Swisher and Connie Dettman


November 24, 2014
Know the 10 Signs of Alzheimer's: Early detection matters

This presentation will be given by a representative of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association..
Hostesses: Mary Cloud Hollingshead and Janice Blusnavage


December 4, 2014
Annual Christmas Party at Tavistock Country Club
Bring a wrapped gift (under $10) for the Chinese auction.
Reservations are required. Additional details will be provided at a later date.
Our members offer a special “Thank You!” to Mrs. Noreen Lanza, who was kind enough to sponsor this event for our chapter.


January 10, 2015
Philadelphia 972 will not meet during January.


February 24, 2015
Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury
Betty Mastin will present a program on Matthew Maury, who has been described as “The Most Famous Sailor in UDC History."Maury had 4500 sailors and 800 Naval Officers Under His Command.
Hostesses: Sharon Johnson and Rosemary Biggio


March 23, 2015
South Jersey Connections to the War Between the States
Bill Hughes will tell us about sites and people in southern New Jersey with ties to the war.
Hostesses: Marylouise Guerrieri and Margaret Hunt

April 27, 2015
Annual Lee-Jackson-Maury Luncheon
Reservations are required. Spouses and guests are welcome. Luncheon details will be provided at a later date.


May, 2015
Confederate Grave Marking
Details about the 2015 grave marking ceremony will be announced at a later date.
Chairmen: Mary Cloud Hollingshead and Linda Boyd


June 6, 2015
Jefferson Davis Picnic
Private residence. Details will be provided at a later date.

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