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2013 - 2014 Program Calendar

September 23, 2013
Independence County, Missouri, and Union Order No. 11
Betty Mastin will tell us about the ancestors of husband, Jon, in Independence County, MO, on both the Confederate and Union sides and the effects of Union Order #11. Her material is derived from family letters and a book which one of Jon’s ancestors helped write.
Hostesses: Nancy Nelson and Marge Tatem

October 28, 2013
Ghosts and Spirits

Just in time for Halloween, Marylou Guerrieri will introduce us to nebulous beings and restless souls related to the War Between the States, both on and off the battlefield. Marylou states that “There will be no pictures, as ghosts don’t like to pose!”
Hostess: Janice Blusnavage


November 25, 2013
Newspaper Genealogy Gems

Part of life in North America since the 17th century, newspapers contain golden nuggets of information about the daily lives of our ancestors. Did your grandmother's peach jam always win the blue ribbon at the county fair? Was your great-grandfather a standout athlete? Nancy Nelson and Carolyn Bausinger will show you how to locate details that will help bring to life earlier generations of your family.
Hostesses: Carole and Bill Moore


December 2013
Annual Christmas Party at Tavistock Country Club
Bring a wrapped gift (under $10) for the Chinese auction.
Reservations are required. Additional details will be provided at a later date.
Our members offer a special “Thank You!” to Mrs. Noreen Lanza, who was kind enough to sponsor this event for our chapter.


January 10, 2014
Fifty World War II Secrets Released by the Federal Government

Carole and Bill Moore let us in on information the Federal government kept under wraps about the Second World War. Come and see what has been declassified!
Hostess: Linda Boyd


February 24, 2014
Great Britain and the Confederacy
Geoff Gamble, husband of our president, will speak to us about British policies that affected the outcome of the Confederate hope for victory. Learn about the official British policy and attempts by the Confederacy to gain recognition from Great Britain.
Hostesses: Sharon Johnson and Rosemary Biggio


March 24, 2014
John Salmon "RIP" Ford — 19th Century Renaissance Man
John Ford was a physician, lawyer, Republic of Texas congressman and Texas state senator, mayor, linguist, newspaper editor, soldier, Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, explorer, and mapmaker — and the Confederate cavalry commander at Palmito Ranch, the final battle of the War Between the States. Carolyn Bausinger will acquaint us with this intriguing man who, against all odds, survived every battle and illness, and wrote one of the definitive histories of the early years of the Republic and State of Texas.
Hostesses: Betty Mastin and Barbara Smith

April 28, 2014
Annual Lee-Jackson-Maury Luncheon
Reservations are required. Spouses and guests are welcome. Luncheon details will be provided at a later date.
Program: The Battle of Gettysburg – Where were the Women?
Noted speaker Jane Peters Estes will discuss the many roles filled by women during the deadliest battle of the War Between the States, from the best known (Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed during the battle) to the most obscure. Information is gleaned from dairies, letters and newspapers of the period. This is a program not to be missed!


May, 2014
Confederate Grave Marking
In accordance with the bylaws revisions of 2012, there will be no grave marking this year, as they will be held only in odd-numbered years from now on.


June 7, 2014
Jefferson Davis Picnic
Private residence. Details will be provided at a later date.

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