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Philadelphia Chapter 972

From the beginning of our history, our chapter has been dedicated to honoring the objectives of the United Daughters of the Confederacy® — Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial and Patriotic:

Underground Railway Quilt 2009

Underground Railway quilt, created by Philadelphia Chapter 972 member, Janice Blusnavage, which was auctioned during the 2009 General Convention to benefit our Chapter's scholarship fund.

We are patriotic in our respect for the American and Confederate Flags and in our genuine love for our nation. Since its founding, the United Daughters of the Confederacy® has continued to provide aid to U.S. troops and citizens alike, during times of war and in National emergencies.

Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach. Throughout our long history, our members have worked tirelessly to meet these objectives and to fulfill our mission.

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