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Scholarship Opportunities Offered by Philadelphia Chapter 972

One of the primary objectives of the United Daughters of the Confederacy® is educational. As part of our own educational objective, the Phildelphia Chapter offers two endowed scholarships annually:

Philadelphia 972 Local Scholarship
This Endowed Scholarship is for a male or female student who has a confederate ancestor. It is renewable annually, until graduation from college, and requires a minimum grade point average of 3.0. The award amount is based on the interest earned during the prior year on the chapter scholarship funds and varies from year to year in amount paid.
2013 Winner: Hunter Hollingshead

Callie Justus Gates Scholarship
This is an endowed scholarship, currently $500, which is awarded with a preference to a male/female member of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Chapter 791, Children of the Confederary.
2013 Winner: Nolan Hollingshead

Emily Comfort Lab-Book Award
This award is not a scholarship, but is awarded to a student who applied for a scholarship during the current year. The amount of this award varies, depending on interest earned and funds raised during the past year..
2013 Winner: Kelsey Frasier; Misericordia University

Our chapter is very proud to announce that Austin Hollingshead, who was a member and past officer of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Chapter 971, CofC, is the 2013 winner of the Mary B. Poppenheim Memorial Scholarship, offered by the General Organization, United Daughters of the Confederacy®. Austin attends the University of Delaware; this is the third year he was received the scholarship.


To apply for a scholarship, you must submit:
1) A scholarship application
For all scholarships, our chapter uses the UDC General Scholarship Application Form, which is available from the Philadelphia Chapter Scholarship Chairman.
2) A required essay
The essay (maximum length 300 words) should, “Outline goals and plans to effectively use the scholarship opportunity and explain what the scholarship would mean to [me].”
3) This is Who I Am Page
This page should be designed by applicants to indicate student activities, clubs, societies, honors, etc. received in the course of their high school/college, church, and community activities.
4) A small current photograph of the applicant

All applicants for the above scholarships must submit the application in duplicate, along with the additional required items, to Philadelphia Chapter 972 Scholarship Chairman Barbara Smith.

Deadline for all applications for every scholarship is March 15th.
All items on the application must be completed to be considered for awards.

In addition to our Philadelphia Chapter 972 scholarships, The United Daughters of the Confederacy General Organization offers many scholarship opportunities for both male and female applicants, graduate school applicants and women over the age of 30 attending college. Applications for the UDC general scholarships must be submitted to the Philadelphia Chapter for endorsement and a letter of recommendation not later than March 15th. Five copies of every required document must be submitted with the application.

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